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answers to your common questions

Do you offer the chance to have a 'straight' portrait (less colourful) if preferred? 

Yes! I’m very flexible with my colour palette. I’ve done a couple of realistic portraits but my colourful paintings are my most popular. I always discuss with the customer their choice of colours before I get started and if they’d like any less or more prominent colours.

Do you always work from photographs or have you ever painted from life? 

I work purely from photographs. I’ve never painted from life, mainly because my work is very time consuming. It takes a lot of time choosing the correct colours for each portrait. I want each and every portrait to look as realistic as possible, I never want my colours to distract the animals true character. However, I sometimes make a visit and take the photos myself to work from. I’ve visited a golden retriever before (my favourite breed) and I was in heaven, he was the sweetest boy and loved a cuddle. This always helps me understand the character behind who I’m painting as its important to portray this.

Can you paint my photo from a poor quality reference photo?

I always ask for your photos to be as detailed and sharp as possible. But I do understand if this isn’t possible, particularly if you’ve sadly lost your pet and only have a selective few pictures. If this is the case, please don’t worry, simply contact me ( your images and we will work something out. Please send me as many pictures as possible, sometimes I can incorporate the details from other images into the painting. I will always try my best to create a realistic portrait from bad quality photos, but please remember that your painting is a copy of the photograph.


Can you paint multiple pets in one painting?

Yes I can! But please be mindful that the quality and detail is lost if you choose a smaller portrait size. I would highly recommend sizing up for multiple subjects to improve the quality and level of realism. Send me a message including images of each pet and I can calculate a free rough quote for you! Please also let me know if you’re on a budget and I can provide the different options for you!

How many photographs do you require?

Please send me as many as possible! The more the better! This is the only occasion I don’t mind be spammed for…who doesn’t want to be sent loads of images of your cute furry companions?! Anyway, I love depicting all the details from other images, not just the reference photo itself. This is particularly helpful if you only have bad quality reference photos so I can use the help of other images for back up.

Can you remove or add objects into the portrait? 

Yes! Past clients have asked me to remove collars or leads or they’ve requested to add toys, such as tennis balls. However, if the additional object is significant, an extra fee may be charged. Please make these requests clear at the time of booking.

How long does it take to complete a portrait? 

Each portrait can roughly take between 1-4 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the piece. Some paintings can take around 20 hours, whilst others may take around 150 hours. Please be mindful when ordering for a specific date; painting is very time consuming (Rome wasn’t built in a day right?!) but also factor in shipping if you’re ordering from overseas or for a busy period like Christmas. I also ship my paintings 3-5 business days after the painting is complete. The overall process from ordering a portrait to receiving your portrait can vary in time however. This all depends on how busy and booked up I am; sometimes the waiting time is up to 6 months. If you’re ordering for a specific date, please make this clear at the time of booking, I will always try my best to allocate your request in my diary.

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Is my portrait refundable?

You have a 7 day period after booking to receive your deposit back in full if you change your mind. After this period, your deposit/portrait becomes non-refundable. Once the portrait is complete, you will have the opportunity to make any final changes or alterations. The final payment must also be taken before it’s shipped to you.

When do I need to pay for my portrait?

A 50% booking fee of the lowest figure given in the rough quote is taken upfront to secure your place on the waiting list. You then have a 7 day money back guarantee after booking your place, however after this time, the payment is no longer refundable. Payments are made either bank transfer (UK) or Paypal (international). Cash is also acceptable but only if you live local to me.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes I do, shipping costs are calculated at the time of booking depending on the information given. Please use a currency converter to convert my price list. Any currency converter used is for estimation and information only. Exchange rates will be calculated either by Paypal or as per the current exchange rates during the time of payment.

Can I track my order? 

You can indeed! I will provide you with the full tracking info once the painting is shipped. All my portraits are shipped securely and sent via Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery or International Signed for and if any damage is caused in transit, the parcel is insured. Once you’ve received your parcel, I’d love to hear from you. Most importantly, let me know its arrived safely but also what you think or the recipient thinks!

Can I see progress pictures of my portrait? 

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Of course! Or alternatively, you can opt for a surprise, but please make this clear so I know not to post on my social media. Before starting your painting, I will always ask what you’d prefer anyway! If you opt for progress pic updates, I will send frequent pics and videos of your painting and if you opt for a surprise, I will keep it on the low until you’re ready. Some clients keep it a surprise until it arrives in person, whilst others like to see a photo when its just been completed. Either way I will keep you in the loop and bring you along the journey with me.

How much will delivery cost to ship my portrait? 

Shipping costs depend on the portrait size and its destination. I will provide an estimated shipping cost at the time of booking. For UK orders, shipping costs vary between £7 - £30. If you’re local to me, we can arrange drop off or collection!

What paper do you use?

I use Langton rough grain watercolour paper with 300gsm to support the artwork well. It is acid-free to prevent the deterioration of paint and to preserve the integrity of the paper over time.

How will my portrait be packaged?

I spend very close attention in making the packaging as perfect as possible so the opening process is special and exciting! All portraits have a Thank You card, Artwork Aftercare Guide and a Certificate of Authenticity with my artists seal in gold. Each box is custom made for shipping my framed paintings - ideal to safely protect and secure the painting for international or long hall journeys. I also use recycled materials to cushion around the painting for further protection. For unframed paintings, they will arrive rolled up in a postal tube. When you receive the painting, please immediately unroll the painting and let it open back to its natural form. I’m a big advocate to recycling so please either reuse the packaging materials or recycle them. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to message me.

Any questions?

If you have additional questions that's aren't covered in the FAQ'S, please don't hesitate to reach out and fill out the form below. I'm here to help and happy to assist you with any inquiries. Otherwise please contact me via my socials or Whatsapp linked below.

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