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Avoid taking photos looking down on your pet or other angles which distort their appearance.

Try and focus on the eyes when taking the photo and keep the angle of the camera at eye level as the eyes are very important, (they’re the windows to the soul after all!).


Take the photo in natural daylight as it reflects the true colour of their coat as well as the fine hairs. Do this either outside or by a window, not in direct sunlight.

Avoid taking photos in dark/shaded areas or in artificial lighting.

Please do not take your photos using any social media platforms as they’ll have lower resolution. Please also avoid screenshotting your images as detail will be lost.

Try using a smartphone or digital camera with high resolution in order to capture as much detail as possible.


Avoid taking photos of your pet from far away or close up shots which cut out important features. This distorts the image and detail is lost.

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Take clear and sharp images with little movement.

Avoid taking photos when your pet is moving as detail will be lost.


Still unsure?

If you're still unsure on what photos to choose or your pet has sadly passed (I'm sorry!!), send me everything you have and we can work around it! I will always try my best to find an outcome you're happy with!

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