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A message to my future clients:

Whether you’re looking for a portrait of your pet, a sentimental gift for a special occasion, or a very special memorial portrait, I will settle for no less than to ensure you are not only delighted but completely blown away by your finished portrait. Each portrait will be suited to your taste and preference, therefore customising a portrait thats unique to you! Your painting will be meticulously crafted to showcase a true-to-life representation of your furry companion, using only high quality materials to ensure your portrait stands the test of time and brings a lifetime of happiness. Most importantly, I will work closely with you throughout to ensure all your requirements are met and maintain constant communication by providing updates and incorporating feedback to create a portrait that exceeds your expectations.


I can’t wait to hear from you! Please contact me via email, WhatsApp or any of my social media platforms if you have any questions or queries! My inbox is always open!

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