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How To Order

Follow the detailed descriptions below to understand the ordering process thoroughly ensuring you don't miss a thing!

choose your pictures

It is my utmost duty to produce the highest quality portrait but in order to do so, I need to work from good quality images. When choosing your photos, you may already have some favourites in mind, but please select as many as possible (the more the better). It’s so important for me to understand the nature & character of the pet so that I can portray this in the painting. If you’re unsure on what photos to choose, I have provided a photo guide with some tips and tricks to help you choose or capture the best pictures for me to work from! If you’re unsure what photos to send, please feel free to send me anything you have and we can discuss together! This is what I’m here for and part of the process.

choose a size

Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a statement piece, my custom sizes give you the freedom and flexibility to choose and request any particular size for your home (or recipients home). Otherwise you have the option to choose a size from my price list which range from A5 (best for bed side tables or shelves) to A0 (for maximum realism and detail). The bigger the portrait, the better the quality as more detail can be added to further enhance the realism. Again, if you’re unsure and would like further advice, we can discuss this together!


choose your colours

Wanting your painting to match a particular piece of furniture or colour scheme in your home? I can transform your portrait using any colours you have in mind. Please let me know if you want any less or more prominent colours to create the perfect colour combo or I can simply work my magic and use what I thinks best to compliment your pet. If you’re looking for a more minimalistic portrait, I can also work in realistic colours to replicate the exact colours of your pet. If you’re unsure what to choose, we can discuss together and come up with something you’re happy with or alternatively I can send you free colour swatches to help you make a decision. Check out my gallery to see if there’s any styles you like and let me know so I can get an idea what you’re looking to have done!

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contact me

Please contact me by either filling out my submission form (click the button below) or drop me an email at To save time, please be specific when inquiring about a portrait by including the following, name & last name (yourself, the booker), where you’re from, subjects e.g dog/cat/horse/rabbit, how many subjects, the size you’re interested in, photos, colour preference and deadline dates. If you’re unsure and would like to discuss any of the options with me, please don’t hesitate to ask! I will then get back to you asap and confirm the lead up time upon inquiry. I will always try my best to accommodate any deadlines.

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A rough quote is sent

Once I’ve received your inquiry, I will send a rough quote which is subject to your request. Please understand that my time is effected depending on the animal, the breed, how many subjects I’ve been asked to paint and the images. For example, a cockapoo would take me longer than a Labrador as I would be spending a lot more time on the intricate details of the tight curls in the fur.


An estimated completion date will be given upon booking your commission. This is not 100% guaranteed but every effort will be made to meet this. Additional shipping costs will also be calculated, this depends on the information given so please be clear when booking.

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Place a deposit

If you’re happy to continue, I next require a 50% booking fee upfront to secure your slot in my diary. This will be deducted from the final payment at the end. Payments can be made securely through PayPal (International) or Bank Transfer (UK), or by cash if you live local to me! Once the booking fee is received, I will add you to my waiting list and an estimated starting date will be given. I will send you frequent updates leading up to the starting date to keep you in the loop on my schedule. Please understand that I work on a first comes first serve basis and in order to start your piece, I need to complete the paintings before your request (unless yours has an allocated deadline). I allow myself 1-4 weeks to complete each painting so please consider this if you’re booking for a specific date. You can follow what I’m up to daily on my social media and any progress on current paintings; this will give you a rough idea on how soon I’ll be starting your commission. I’m most active on Instagram so click the button below to follow me and my journey!

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Upon booking, I will discuss framing options and if this may be of interest to you. Whether you’d like myself to frame the painting or for you do this separately, the option is there. There’s nothing better than framing a completed painting which is why I have provided a cost effective option to my clients by using cheap IKEA frames. However if you’re looking for a better quality frame, I would advise going to a local framers to professionally have your painting framed. They may also provide UV glass to protect your painting further from UV rays. This is something the IKEA frames do not have, so I would highly recommend looking into this. I do however spray multiple layers of varnish & UV spray to further ensure maximum longevity and protection. The additonal framing cost will be confirmed at the time of booking, this depends on the size of your portrait and the style of frame you choose.

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process & updates

The time has come! I’m always just as excited as you are to start the portrait! Whether you would like progress pic updates throughout or a surprise at the end, the choice is yours! Either way I will still work closely with you throughout and send frequent updates on the progress and the time frame of completion. If you opt for progress pic updates, I will keep attaching pictures and videos of your painting, but this can be kept a surprise if you prefer…the choice is yours! I love giving my clients the opportunity to watch their portrait come to life and bring them along the journey with me!


portrait completion

The painting is now complete! I will forwarded some pictures and videos upon receipt of the remaining balance. If you’re 100% satisfied with the result, the outstanding balance is required before your portrait is dispatched. This is your final opportunity to request any minor changes or alterations to the artwork. Major changes or modifications to the artwork after completion may incur additional charges.



These final steps are the best bit! I spend very close attention in making the packaging as perfect as possible so the opening process is special and exciting! All portraits have a Thank You card, Artwork Aftercare Guide and a Certificate of Authenticity with my artists seal in gold. Each box is custom made for shipping my framed paintings - ideal to safely protect and secure the painting for international or long hall journeys. I also use recycled materials to cushion around the painting for further protection. For unframed paintings, they will arrive rolled up in a postal tube. When you receive the painting, please immediately unroll the painting and let it open back to its natural form.

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delivery & testimonia

All portraits are shipped securely and sent via Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery or International Signed for. I will forward a tracking reference number to track your parcel and if any damage is caused in transit, the parcel is insured. Once you’ve received your parcel, I’d love to hear from you. Most importantly, let me know its arrived safely but also what you think or the recipient thinks! A lot of love went into creating your portrait, and customer satisfaction is the best part of my job! If you get a spare minute, please add a review to my facebook page at SAP ART or send it via email. I’d really appreciate it!

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