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Dive into SAP ARTS vision

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I am the artist behind all my colourful pieces. I am obsessed with working in the brightest of colours, driven by the sole intention of brightening and uplifting your day. Theres no better way to achieve this than by capturing the unique personalities and boundless of joy that our four-legged friends bring to our lives! This passion of mine burns even brighter during the darkest days, like the challenging times of lockdown, which propelled my artistic journey forward and inspired me to continue painting a brighter world for us all!

Click here to read more about the artist and her journey!

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Click here to read a more detailed step by step on how the commissioning process works.


Any animal or pet is welcome! I’ve worked with a variety of subjects such as tortoises, whales, rabbits, tigers, anything that sparks your interest and to give that blank wall in your home a pop of colour! As an artist, painting the same subject can be quite repetitive so I always look forward to painting something different!


Wanting to match your painting with a particular piece of furniture or colour scheme in your home? You have the freedom to pick and choose your colours! Whether you prefer realistic colours for a minimalistic look or wish for me to work my artistic magic, I'm here to bring your vision to life.


Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a statement piece, my custom sizes give you the freedom and flexibility to choose and request any particular dimensions for your home (or recipients home). 


There’s nothing better than framing a completed painting which is why I have provided a cost effective option to my clients by using affordable IKEA frames. Alternatively, yourself or I, can order a frame online and delivered to my address, ensuring you (or the recipient) receive the painting beautifully framed to your preference.


Each portrait comes with a Certificate of Authenticity as your portrait is a one-of-a-kind, so I believe your certificates should be too. Each certificate is designed by myself and printed on 300gsm silk paper featuring my artist seal in gold.


Its incredibly exciting to see my artwork travel the globe, but if overseas shipping is a concern for you, my digital masterpieces provide a convenient solution. Feel free to reach out for more information about acquiring a digital portrait.


I provide an Artwork Aftercare Guide with each portrait upon arrival to promote the best care for your painting, ensuring it remains in excellent condition overtime and receives the maximum protection it deserves.

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And of course, a painting to treasure a life lifetime! To read more on what's included, please go to my Pricing & Sizes.

Lets Create Together

You have the freedom to pick and customise your colours, adding a unique, personalised touch to your portrait. I am highly flexible so you can be as creative as you wish! Alternatively, trust me to work my magic by selecting colours that complement your dogs character or opt for a realistic palette for a minimalistic portrait! If you're unsure, drop me a message and we can discuss this together to ensure a perfect choice for you!